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report 22 Jul 2019

The Australian points-based system: what is it and what would its impact be in the UK?

This commentary explains how the ‘Australian-style points-based system’ works and what it might mean to introduce something similar in the UK.

report 30 Aug 2018

Exploiting the Opportunity? Low-Skilled Work Migration After Brexit

Looks at the implications of using youth mobility or work-permit schemes to meet demand for low-skilled workers after Brexit

report 12 Apr 2018

Unsettled Status? Which EU Citizens are at Risk of Failing to Secure their Rights after Brexit?

Highlights the difficulties certain groups of people may encounter in securing settled status

report 13 Dec 2017

The Burden of Proof: How Will the Application Process Work for EU Citizens After Brexit?

Looks at what kind of application process will be required to resolve status of EU citizens already in the UK

report 25 Oct 2017

Location, Location, Location: Should Different Parts of the UK Have Different Immigration Policies?

This report explores the various arguments in favour of and against having different regional immigration policies.

report 27 Jan 2017

Labour Immigration after Brexit: Trade-offs and Questions about Policy Design

Work is the main reason for EU migration to the UK, so labour migration policies will be important.

report 19 Dec 2016

Young People and Migration in the UK: An Overview

Examines some of the key issues, particularly education, training and youth employment.

report 07 Nov 2016

A Decade of Immigration in the British Press

Looks at trends in the language used in newspapers & considers how these relate to the UK political context.

report 02 May 2016

EU Migration, Welfare Benefits and EU Membership (Pre-referendum)

Explains the main policy issues and statistics on EU migrants’ use of welfare benefits and examines who would be affected by proposed restrictions to in-work benefits.

report 02 May 2016

Potential Implications of Admission Criteria for EU Nationals Coming to the UK (Pre-referendum)

Employers could be affected in different ways if admission requirements were applied to EU workers.

report 27 Jan 2016

The Minimum Income Requirement for Non-EEA Family Members in the UK

brings together available data on how the income threshold works and who it affects.

report 06 Mar 2015

Projected Number of Foreign-born Residents in Local Areas for 2014

Provide a more up to date estimate of the migrant populations of local areas in England than the 2011 Census.

report 18 Aug 2014

Bulgarians and Romanians in the British National Press

Examines media responses in the run up to the removal of transitional labour market controls on Bulgarians and Romanians in the UK.

report 03 Jul 2014

Highly Skilled Migration to the UK 2007-2013

Policy Changes, Financial Crises and a Possible 'Balloon Effect'

report 10 Feb 2014

Scottish Public Opinion

Immigration and Independence: Public Opinion on Immigration in Scotland in the Context of the Referendum Debate

report 03 Feb 2014

The Migration Observatory and the Decade of Migration

Provides a short history of the inception, development, achievements and impact of the Migration Observatory.

report 08 Aug 2013

Migration in the News

Portrayals of Immigrants, Migrants, Asylum Seekers and Refugees in National British Newspapers, 2010 to 2012

report 11 Dec 2012

Jessica Ennis, Mo Farah, and Identity Language in the British Press

Investigates media use of languages of identity and origins in association with Jessica Ennis and Mo Farah.

report 06 Sep 2012

Britain’s ’70 Million’ Debate

Explores the key numbers, issues and trade-offs associated with the deep cuts to net migration that a 70 million population limit would require.

report 16 Oct 2011

Thinking Behind the Numbers: Understanding Public Opinion on Immigration in Britain

Our survey demonstrated that the public’s views on immigration are complex and nuanced in a way that previous polls have failed to capture.

report 05 Apr 2011

Top Ten Problems in the Evidence Base for Public Debate and Policy-Making on Immigration in the UK

Sets out the ten most important problems in the evidence base on immigration and migrants in the UK.

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