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primer 17 May 2021

Policy Primer: The UK’s 2021 points-based immigration system

This Policy Primer outlines the main features of the UK’s new immigration system, focusing primarily on migration for work. It examines the most important changes made to the previous system, and answers some frequently asked questions.

primer 05 Mar 2020

Policy Primer: Integration

Discusses government policy towards migrants after their arrival in the UK.

primer 02 May 2014

The UK, the Common European Asylum System and EU Immigration Law

Examines the UK’s selective participation in the Common European Asylum System, and EU immigration law.

primer 01 May 2014

The UK, EU Citizenship and Free Movement of Persons

Examines EU citizenship and free movement of persons as part of the common market.

primer 18 Sep 2013

Sub-National Immigration Policy: Can it Work in the UK?

Considers whether Scotland could have its own immigration policy if it remains part of the UK or part of a Common Travel Area.

primer 18 Sep 2013

Citizenship, Borders and Migration in an Independent Scotland

Discusses how an independent Scotland might define its boundaries, in terms of access to citizenship and physical territory.

primer 24 May 2013

Public Opinion and Public Policy: Complexities of the Democratic Mandate

Examines the relationship between public opinion and migration policy, with a particular focus on the idea of a democratic mandate.

primer 16 Mar 2012

Migration and Development

Examines the relationship between migration and international development, considering its benefits and challenges.

primer 08 Dec 2011

Selecting the Best and Brightest

Discusses questions that arise in the development of policies that aim to attract and select highly skilled migrant workers.

primer 29 Mar 2011

Responding to Employers: Labour Shortages and Immigration Policy

Discusses the challenges in linking the admission of new migrant workers to the needs of the economy.

primer 28 Mar 2011

Citizenship: What Is It and Why Does It Matter?

Discusses the objectives and implications of citizenship policy and examines the concept of citizenship in the UK.

primer 26 Mar 2011

Asylum Policy

Examines some of the key questions underlying the UK’s asylum policy, focusing on challenges and tensions.

primer 24 Mar 2011

Social Care for Older People and Demand for Migrant Workers

Discusses the challenge of the growing demand for social care for older people and the role of migrant care workers.

primer 24 Mar 2011

Immigration Detention: Policy Challenges

Discusses key questions and policy challenges arising from the detention of foreign nationals in the UK.

primer 24 Mar 2011

The UK and Global Migration Governance

This policy primer discusses the emerging debate on the global governance of migration.

primer 24 Mar 2011

Demographic Objectives in Migration Policy-making

Reviews key issues and challenges in setting and achieving demographic objectives in migration policy-making.

primer 24 Mar 2011

Irregular Migrant Children and Public Policy

Looks at the tensions between child protection laws and immigration and asylum laws and examines the implications.

primer 24 Mar 2011

Mixed Migration: Policy Challenges

Explores the policy challenges of mixed migration, considering the mixed motivations of migrants and mixed migratory streams.

primer 23 Mar 2011

Migrants in London: Policy Challenges

Discusses the policy challenges arising from the diversity and scale of immigration in London.

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