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Number of residents born in new EU member states – 2011 Census & 2014 Extrapolations

06 Mar 2015

The data on this page are superseded by the new ONS population data for 2014, available from August 27th 2015. Please visit this page for official 2014 estimates of the foreign-born population.

This map and table show the projected number of new EU-born residents across local areas of England in 2014 by country of birth. It was created using a Migration Observatory methodology enabling the extrapolation or projection of detailed local data on immigration in England for 2014. The figures for 2014 are not official statistics from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and only intend to provide an idea of the likely number of foreign-born residents in different local areas of England as of 2014. The limitations are explained in more detail here.

Note: Darker shades show higher number of migrants, lighter shades show lower number. Hovering over or clicking on a local area will show the Census and extrapolation figures.

Table – EU born residents

RegionEU-born 2011 CensusEU-born 2014 extrapolation2014-2011 difference2014-2011 % difference
East213000238,000 25,000 12% 
East Midlands140000154,000 14,000 10% 
London711000872,000 161,000 23% 
North East3600052,000 16,000 44% 
North West144000185,000 41,000 28% 
South East319000359,000 40,000 13% 
South West1510000160,000 9,000 6% 
West Midlands136000169,000 33,000 24% 
Yorkshire and the Humber131000158,000 27,000 21% 
Average across regions4100020% 
England19810002,347,000 366,000 18% 

Shows the projected number of new EU residents across local areas of England in 2014 by country of birth.

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