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chart 14 Sep 2016

Religion by country of birth, 2015

Notes. EEA+ includes EEA countries plus Switzerland; non-EEA excludes Switzerland. Breakdowns exclude those with no answer to religion or country of birth questions, but totals do not.

chart 05 Jul 2016

Reasons for migrating to the UK, 1991-2015

Shows reasons for migration to the UK since 1991, including work, study and family.

chart 05 Jul 2016

Emigration, immigration and net migration in the UK, 1991-2015

Shows the number of people (including British citizens) coming to and leaving the UK.

chart 31 Mar 2016

EEA citizens living in the UK, by years since arrival, Q1 2015 (Pre-referendum)

Share and number of EEA citizens living in the UK, by number of years of residency.

chart 15 Mar 2016

Number of UK born people living in EEA countries, 2015 (Pre-referendum)

Shows the number of UK citizens living in other countries in Europe.

chart 05 Oct 2015

Number of EU-born in the UK, 1993-2015

Shows the number of EU born in the UK between Q1 1993 and Q1 2015 using information from the Labour Force Survey

chart 20 Aug 2015

Immigration among the public’s most important issues

Tracks the percentage of respondents naming race relations or immigration as one of the most important issues facing Britain, along with the rest of the five most frequently named issues.

chart 07 Aug 2013

Migration in the news interactive chart

Allows you to create your own chart of words related to asylum seekers, immigrants, migrants, and refugees in the University of Oxford Migration News Corpus.

chart 06 Sep 2012

Net migration and population growth, 2014-2039

Estimates natural change assuming zero net-migration versus natural change due to net migration.

chart 29 Jun 2012

UK’s net-migrant stock with EU countries, 2010

Shows the UK’s net migration stock with other specific EU member states.

chart 29 Jun 2012

Migration of UK citizens to EU countries & EU citizens to the UK

Shows an increase in migration flows from the EU after A8 accession in 2004.


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