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“The most respected body on UK migration”
– The Sunday Telegraph

Migration is one of the most contentious policy issues in the UK today.  And after the EU referendum, the future of migration policy has never been so unclear.

The Migration Observatory needs your help to provide the migration debate with balanced, politically neutral, fact-driven evidence.

We have never been more in need of a factual, evidence-based debate on migration.  The new shape of the UK’s migration system – which affects our economy, society and relationship with the rest of the world – depends on it.

Everyone from business to local communities needs the assurance that migration policy is shaped around politically neutral, thorough research, not just rhetoric and ideology.

Why donate to the Migration Observatory?

Future migration policy will affect people and communities across the UK. The Migration Observatory helps inform those decisions by providing independent, authoritative analysis of data on migration that everyone can trust – regardless of their views on migration. Our goal is a more balanced, accurate and nuanced public debate on migration. We are recognised by all major media outlets as the “go to” organisation for trustworthy, evidence-led analysis of the issues around migration in the UK.

But we can’t do it without you. We are almost entirely dependent on grants and donations to survive. In the coming months and years, we need to work exceptionally hard to ensure that the UK’s migration debate is based on the best possible evidence.  Support our work and help shape the debate.

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The Migration Observatory is known for its contributions on the top issues in the UK migration debate, including:

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