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International migration is an inherently inter-disciplinary issue. The work and analysis of the Migration Observatory involves experts from a wide range of disciplines, academic departments and research centres at the University Oxford.

These include the Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS, where the Migration Observatory is based), The Refugee Studies Centre (RSC), and the departments of economics, politics, law, sociology, criminology, and development studies.

  1. Dr Ana AlivertiAssistant Professor, University of Warwick

    Ana's research focusses on the role of the criminal law in the policing of immigration.

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  2. William AllenResearch Officer

    Will Allen works on migration and media, specifically focusing on how migrants and migration policies are publicly discussed, portrayed, and debated.

  3. Szilvia AltorjaiResearch Officer

    Szilvia previously worked for the Migration Observatory as research officer. She specialises in applied social and economic research on international migration.

  4. Professor Bridget AndersonProfessor

    Bridget has explored the tension between labour market flexibilities and citizenship rights, and pioneered an understanding of the functions of immigration in key labour market sectors.

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  5. Dr Brian BellAssociate Professor in Economics

    Brian is a labour economist working on issues of pay at the top of the income distribution and on the economics of crime.

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  6. Dr Alexander BettsRefugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford

    Alex Betts is Leopold Muller Professor of Forced Migration and International Affairs and a Fellow of Green-Templeton College at the University of Oxford. His research focuses on the international politics of refugees, migration, and humanitarianism, with a geographical focus on Sub-Saharan Africa.

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  7. Dr Scott BlinderAssistant Professor of Political Science, University of Massachusetts Amherst

    Scott Blinder is a political scientist specialising in political psychology. His research focuses on public opinion toward migration and its impacts on elections and policy.

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  8. Professor Mary BosworthProfessor of Criminology and Fellow of St Cross College

    Mary conducts research into the ways in which prisons and immigration detention centres uphold notions of race, gender and citizenship and how those who are confined negotiate their daily lives.

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  9. Jacqui BroadheadDirector, Global Exchange on Migration and Diversity, COMPAS

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  10. Dr Alessio CangianoSenior Lecturer, University of the South Pacific

    Alessio’s research focuses on migration and the economic integration of migrants in the UK and Europe.

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  11. Dr Lucie CernaAnalyst in the Directorate for Education and Skills, OECD

    Lucie Cerna researches the political economy of high skilled migration in an international comparative perspective.

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  12. Professor David ColemanSupernumerary Fellow in Human Sciences and University Professor in Demography

    Professor David Coleman's research interests include the comparative demographic trends of the industrial world, particularly the reasons for the persistence of substantial international differences in birth and death rates and in family structure.

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  13. Dr Cathryn CostelloRefugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford

    Cathryn Costello is Andrew W Mellon Associate Professor of International Human Rights and Refugee Law, and a fellow of St Antony's College. She specialises in EU immigration law and writes on EU constitutional and equality law.

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  14. Professor Hein de HaasProfessor of Sociology, University of Amsterdam

    Hein de Haas's research focuses on the linkages between migration and broader processes of human development and globalisation.

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  15. Dr Neli DemirevaLecturer in Sociology, Essex University

    Neli's research interests include migration, inter-ethnic ties, social cohesion, ethnic penalties and multiculturalism.

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  16. Dr Franck DüvellAssociate Professor and Senior Researcher, COMPAS

    Franck works on the processes and dynamic of migration, with a geographic focus on Eastern Europe and Turkey.

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  17. Professor Jim GallagherAssociate Member, Nuffield College

    Jim Gallagher is an academic heavily involved in the Scottish constitutional question.

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  18. Professor Matthew GibneyProfessor of Politics and Forced Migration

    Matthew’s research focuses on refugees, migration control and citizenship.

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  19. Dr Ben GidleyUniversity Lecturer, Birkbeck, University of London

    Ben's research interests include contemporary forms of racialisation and intercultural encounter; diaspora, diversity and migration; and urban sociology.

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  20. Dr Melanie Griffiths

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  21. Ruchi HajelaCOMPAS research affiliate

    Ruchi Hajela received an MSc in International Political Economy from the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore in July 2011.

  22. Emily HancoxPhD Candidate at the University of Edinburgh

    Before moving to Edinburgh, Emily worked as a Lecturer at Worcester College, Oxford where she taught EU, Constitutional and Administrative Law.

  23. Dr Hiranthi JayaweeraCOMPAS Research Affiliate

    Hiranthi’s research relates to migration and health, and the integration of migrants in the UK.

  24. Luka KlimaviciuteData Analysis Consultant

  25. Zovanga KoneResearcher

    Zovanga was a researcher at the Migration Observatory and COMPAS

  26. Anna KrausovaResearch Officer

    Anna Krausova is a sociologist working on migration. She contributed to the Migration Observatory Census project, analysing the regional nature of migration in the UK based on the Census 2011 data.

  27. Laurence Lessard-PhillipsSenior Research Fellow, IRiS

  28. Professor Stephen MachinResearch Director, Centre for Economic Performance; Professor of Economics, University College London

    Stephen works on labour market inequality, the economics of education and the economics of crime.

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  29. Dr Mathias CzaikaAssociate Professor of Migration and Development, University of Oxford

    Mathias' current research focus is on the qualitative assessment of the effects and the effectiveness of migration policies as well as the quantification of these policy effects.

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